RYW 79 – S-Corporation Strategies and Update from Washington DC

If you own ANY size of business, you owe it tor yourself to get the 411 on S-Corporations. What S-Corp strategies are still viable? What are the risks and rewards of claiming the right salary level? How to you convert to and from an LLC or C-Corp to an S-Corporation? I’ll be covering these questions and more as I am also welcoming special guest, Brian Reardon, Executive Director of S-Corporation Association of America. Brian leads the premier lobby organization out of Washinton D.C. representing ALL of our interests who own and operate an S-Corporation. Mr. Reardon also served as Staff Director and Chief Economist of the Senate Republican Policy Committee and for the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). He’ll be giving us a legislative update straight from Congress and how you can protect your interests. For more information about the Show and Mat and Mark, visit https://refreshyourwealth.com.