RYW 75 – How to Avoid a Lawsuit Stories from the Courtroom

The drama of a courtroom scene can be very exciting. In fact, we can certainly note the hundreds of tv shows and movies set inside the courthouse with a unique set of characters and court case. However, it’s not that fun and exciting when it’s your personal life that’s doing through the public system; nor is the cost and heartache it can wreak on your family. TODAY we will hear from Mat Sorensen, Lee Chen and Jarom Bergeson as they share their “Stories from the Courtroom” and warn us what to look out for and avoid the pitfalls in doing business. Their sage wisdom and advice can truly save all of us thousands of dollars and countless hours fretting over and dealing with a lawsuit. Join us for an exciting, dramatic and educational hour that will help you better live your American Dream WITHOUT the drama of the Courtroom. For more information about the Show and Mat and Mark, visit https://refreshyourwealth.com.