RYW 70 – RVs, Planes, Trains & Automobiles..Making money & IRS changes

Ok – We aren’t going to talk about “Trains” – BUT, we ARE going to be talking about TWO major topics regarding your transportation, business, AND write-offs on this Show:
First, beware!! Laws are changing on the deductions for RVs, Trucks, Planes, Autos, etc – This is absolutely critical for those of you investing in major assets in the near future- Get caught up on the rules.
Second, have you ever thought of hitting the open road and turning your RV into a business and discovering America’s National Parks?!! Well, my special guest Steve Anderson from Workamper.com has been helping campers and business owners do just that for years! Workcamper helps investors at any age turn their RV experience into a money maker – while I try to turn it into a tax write-off. Even if you aren’t ready to retire, but want to get out of town and live out of an RV for a few years, this show is for you!! Please join me with special guest Steve Anderson as we break down the myths and the actual steps you take to make this dream a reality. For more information about the Show and Mat and Mark, visit https://refreshyourwealth.com.