RYW 45 – Can Health and Fitness Increase Your Profits?

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Does your health, diet and fitness schedule directly equate to higher profits in your business? Maybe. Join me with a panel of experts, Susie Augustine, author of “Sexy, Fit & Fab at Any Age!: Say Yes to Your Natural Beauty While Being Funny, Healthy, Sexy and Inspired”. Susie has been a featured speaker at numerous workshops, with topics such as skincare, health, beauty, sex appeal, confidence building, writing and publishing. Scott Milligan will also be joining us. Scott is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exdercise Specialist, and Performance Enhancement Specialist. He has mentored and developed over 150+ instructors/personal trainers. For more information about the Show and Mat and Mark, visit https://refreshyourwealth.com.