The Refresh Your Wealth Show is a nationally syndicated weekly Podcast dedicated to helping listeners “LIVE THE AMERICAN DREAM”

Co-hosts Mark J. Kohler and Mat Sorensen discuss minimizing taxes, legal strategies, asset protection, retirement planning, real estate investing, business ownership, and how to practically build and keep wealth.



RYW 352 – Private Lending: Making Loans and Borrowing Tips

Private lending with your personal money or retirement account can be extremely profitable, but also comes with risks simply in procedures and checklists.  Mark and Mat talk about how to borrow and how to lend wisely and carefully from a legal point of view. For more...

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RYW 351 – JV versus LLC: Pros and Cons

Open Forum Show is always a favorite of our listeners!! Listen in as Mark and Mat fielding questions in a fun and interesting format on Tax Strategies, Asset Protection, Estate Planning, and Business Planning. Call in LIVE through Blog Talk Radio at...

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