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Horror Stories from the Courtroom: How to Avoid a Lawsuit

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Description: One of the most obvious and common threats to your assets can be a car accident. What you do BEFORE and AFTER a car accident can be critical in protecting your assets. Whether it is a mistake of yours or someone else, texting or driving, or something worse, talking about the steps to take NOW is so much more important than later when the battle begins. Join and Mark and Mat for some important and powerful insights on this topic.


Nightmare tenants and how to get rid of them legally

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Description: Real estate investing can be an extremely rewarding venture… If you take the right steps!! Making sure you’re educated and informed about real estate investment strategies is key to making the whole thing work. This is especially true when choosing the right tenant. Mark and Mat will share their tips and strategies on choosing the right tenant and getting rid of them if necessary. They will also welcome special guest Chris Wilson, a real estate professional with over 30 years of experience in managing rental property. He is both a real estate investor and a licensed real estate agent in the state of Arizona


The Scariest Scams in America Today: Be on Alert!

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Description: Kick off October with Mat and Mark as they share what they believe to be the “Scariest” Scams in America today. White collar crime, internet fraud, and identity theft are at an all-time high. Tune in to learn the tips and signs of a possible scam that could affect you, your business or your family. This show will most certainly save you or your loved ones some of their hard earned wealth from being taken from them


How to Find and Hire the Right Employee

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Description: Hiring the right employee is sometimes harder than training and supervising them. Join Mark and Mat as they discuss this complex issue and share their experience in dealing with client’s legal issues of the years and the successes and pitfalls they have witnessed. They will also be joined by national expert Tony Bass, author of the book “50 Low Cost Ways to Find, Recruit, Hire, & Retain Superstar Employees”.


How to Protect the Corporate Veil

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Description: If you set up an LLC or a Corporation it’s critical to make sure it provides the protection you planned for. However, it doesn’t happen automatically. Mark and Mat will cover the steps, procedures and tips to properly form and maintain your entity. If you don’t follow the law on how to operate your entity, you can’t use the law to protect you if something goes wrong. You don’t want miss this show if you own an LLC or Corporation!!