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Coordinating Your Financial Plan with Your Tax Planning!

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Description: Yes…You need to coordinate the two plans, but how difficult is it to get your financial planner and CPA on the “same page”? Sometimes it’s very difficult. Join Mark and Mat with their favorite financial advisor Randy Luebke as they discuss options and strategies to build wealth, diversify your portfolio and save taxes at the same time. Randy Luebke is the president of Lifetime Paradigm, Licensed Mortgage Broker, Registered Investment Advisor, and Real Estate Broker. This will be a power packed panel giving you numerous options and strategies to consider. Don’t miss this show if you are serious about real estate investing!


How to ReHab a Property and Avoid the Pitfalls!!

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Description: If you are in the Real Estate Business or even building your wealth in non-traditional ways (not on Wall Street)…then a Rehab may cross your path. Join us with Special Guest, Kendall Stock, who will share the most common pitfalls when investing in short-term real estate deals. Kendall is the Co-founder of Sage Investing and an investor you has successfully “Fix and Flipped” over 100 properties!! Mark and Mat will also share the pitfalls they run into on a regular basis when consulting clients around the country. Don’t miss this show if you are serious about real estate investing!!


How to Create a Successful Partnership

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Description: Partners can be the best thing that ever happened to your business, or the worst if entered into improperly. Thus, don’t be afraid of a ‘partnership’, but just be committed to documenting it properly and considering all of the issues. The Partnership Agreement and setting up the proper entity/structure for the partnership is the single most important step in the partnership process, maybe even more important than analyzing the merits of the project within the partnership itself. You could have the most potentially successful money-making idea in the world, but if the foundation for the partnership is faulty, the business will ultimately fail. Listen in for some helpful tips on building the partnership best for you!


How to Buy A Business and Avoid the Pitfalls

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Description: Starting a small business is a very different proposition than “buying” a small business. Yes, once the doors are open, there shouldn’t be a difference in the strategic plan and operations, HOWEVER, in the start-up and acquisition phase, the steps are unique to ‘shopping’ for a business and avoiding the pitfalls. Join Mark and Mat as they give you important considerations and strategies that will help tremendously if you are considering buying a business. Listen in and learn how to blow up your IRA investments.


Cool Investments and Projects You Never knew Your IRA Could Own

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Description: IRA strategies and self-directing your investments within your tax deferred vehicles are AMAZING!! During the show we will share some unique investments and strategies you may have never heard of. Don’t think you know it all in this area of the law, EVERY WEEK we hear of interesting projects our clients are investing in. Listen in and learn how to blow up your IRA investments!